Rules and tips of the house

We kindly ask you to follow our few rules of the house, which you will also find in your room.

  • A big thanks for leaving your marks in our hearts instead of our house.
  • Every guest should feel comfortable. Please be considerate of the other guests.
  • We kindly ask you to keep the peace of night between 10 pm until 7 am.
  • We love sharing our house, but would appreciate your respecting our private rooms, including our kitchen.
  • We have a non-smoking-policy throughout the entire house.
  • Our snacks (fruit, sweets…) as well as coffee and tea on the buffet are for you. Please feel free to help yourself.
  • You may use the microwave and the kettle as you please. We don’t offer a stove. You will find, however, plates, cups and cutlery close to the buffet.
  • Please take your meals in the dining room where you will have a lot of space.
  • We serve breakfast between 7 until 10 am. Would you prefer another time? Please let us know.
  • In the living room, you will find a TV. Feel free to use it. The manual may be useful. We have Bluewin-TV and a big choice of channels.
  • You may use books and games in the living room as well as the deckchair, chairs and tables in the garden.
  • You will find a hairdryer either in the drawer (private bathrooms) or on the shelf above the mirror (shared bathroom)
  • Check-out is usually at 11 am. Would you like to change it? Please let us know.
  • Unfortunately, we do not take credit cards or any other cards. Therefore, we ask you to pay cash before checking-out.
  • Pets are welcome!
  • If you need a children’s or any other bed, please let us know. We can provide whatever you need.

Thank you!