Our rooms for you

We offer different rooms and a lot of space for all kinds of activity. The garden, the dining room and living room are for you to be used and you are welcome anytime.

The dining room

It is here where we serve breakfast on your request. You may order a small breakfast or brunch. In the dining room you also find coffee or tea. Please help yourself at any time. Sometimes we offer sweets or homemade cookies for you. You may also use the microwave and the kettle as you please. There is no stove. You will find, however, plates, cups and cutlery close to the buffet. All our guests may use the fridge. In there, you will find drinks, which we offer at net cost prices.

The living room

In the living room you may read, play games or watch TV. Our library is stocked on a “take one, leave one” basis. You will also find several family games. Make yourself comfortable on the cushioned windowsill. The only TV in the house is placed in the living room. Thanks to Bluewin-TV you will find almost every channel.

The garden

Our wild garden is here for your barbeque, sunbathing or discoveries of any kind. Please use the sunbeds, chairs, tables and sunshades as you wish.